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    Will or going to win?


    In the confusing world of will and going to, which would be the right answer?

    A: We will win this match.
    B: We are going to win this match.

    Let's say that we don't know the context or the meaning of the frase, wouldn't option A be most correct.

    Option A indicating either that victory (for some reason) is inevitable or that there is at least a strong will present to win the match.

    Option B is indicating more of a conslusion than an assumption. I'm not sure of the validity of this rule, but I know taht a lot of people use it.
    Following the "assuption (will)/conclusion (going to) rule", in order to use "going to", we will have to make a conclusion based on some kind of evidence, like:

    We're leading 2-0 with 10 minutes left. We're going to win this match.

    Am I way off, just a little off or rigth on the spot here? :)

    Kind regards

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    Re: Will or going to win?

    ]If you don't know the context, you cannot say which is more likely.

    In the context you have suggested, you are correct: there is present evidence of a future situation.

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