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    Can anyone correct my mistakes?

    (hello, i am newbie. i want to brush up on my writing skills, but honestly i am not good at it. so i decided to write regularly, but they need to be corrected. if you look through and correct my mistakes, i'll appreciate. thank you.)

    Terrorism Problem in Turkey

    Turkey’s population is about 75 million and nearly 20% of it are Turkish citizens who have Kurdish origin. Majority of these people live in east part of Anatolia. In the 80’s a terrorist organisation, whose name is Kurdistan Workers’ Party shortly PKK, was founded to be separated from Turkey through western countries reinforcements. Republic of Turkey has been suffering terror problem since the 80’s.

    Firstly we’d better have a look why some people joined to that terrorist group in spite of the fact that they have same rights with everybody who lives in Turkey. Research reveals that the main reason is poverty and ignorantness. Former governments did some wrong politics for Kurdish people, they didn’t develop sufficient infrastructure like motorways, dams, hospitals, they didn’t pay enough attention these people’s education, health care, economic structures. That area’s geographical conditions and climate are too tough for agriculture, and there is no industry. Hence in the east poorness is so high because of unemployment, literacy is low. So imbuing people, whose life standards are not satisfying, with freedom opinions, convincing them to start a fight for their nationality was not difficult for terrorist group. They have collected people , trained them as soldier, given them weapons and made them attack their country.

    In 30 years, Turkish military always fought with them on tough east mountains but they couldn’t eradicate them completely due to hard geographical conditions. These mountains have got thousands caves which is available to hide, Turkey has boundaries with Iraq, Iran on the east, it’s very easy to sneak. For that reason figuring out this problem with only military doesn’t seem possible. Unfortunaletly thousands of Turkish soldiers have been killed in ambush, in skirmish, thousands civilian has died during suicide attack in metropolitans in last 30 years.

    Nowadays, government does well politics against Kurdish citizens. Conditions in the east are getting better every single days, they received some rights like Kurdish channels on TV. So, number of Kurdish who support terrorism is getting reasonably less, but still there are. And, terrorist group is carrying on their perfidy. Recently thirteen innocent Turkish soldiers have been killed in an ambush.

    Everybody says something about how to sort this problem out. In my opinion, initially we have to make new law about forgiveness the members of terrorist group who are not involved any terrorist attack. Secondly, we should bring back capital punishment against all terrorists but firstly we have got to execute the founder of PKK, who is arrested. Meanwhile development in the East has to be continued by Government. Finally, military operations has to be made by professional commander not inexperienced soldiers. But among them death penalty is the most important and most essential one.
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