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Thread: banked up fire

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    banked up fire

    A tall, pale, red-haired man, whose moustache was a glorious fiery explosion, came into the room, smiling brightly.
    ‘Is she? Is she now? This is our little stolen baby?’ He stopped in front of Rose. He lifted her chin in his hand.
    What happened to you? Where did you go? Hey?’ His voice was not unpleasant, and he did not swear, but Rose had the most terrifying sensation of a banked-up fire. It was as though old turf had been laid across the embers to keep the fire going through till morning. Then, when someone poked it, it would spring up into a blaze again, and consume anything that came near it.

    What do "banked up fire" and "old turf" mean? I looked up dictionaries, but couldn't really understand the meaning.

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    Re: banked up fire

    You bank up a fire by adding slow-burning fuel so that the fire will burn slowly throughout the night, and be ready to blaze. 'Turf' or 'peat' is a dark substance found in wet areas (such as Ireland). You can use it to improve the soil in your garden, or to bank up a fire.

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