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    two grammar questions

    Maria doesn't like her friends, especially her boyfriend, ____ her at work.
    (A) calling (B) to call (C) calls (D) call

    I chose B not sure it's A or B? if it's A that means her friends who call her at work
    Why is the other wrong?

    I haven't received the package yet. It might ____ to the wrong place.
    (A) have been sent (B) be sent (C) been sent (D) had been sent

    A and B which one is right. Can I choose B? cause I think the second sentence

    might just state a past thing.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: two grammar questions

    Eric, please use separate threads for unrelated questions, giving each a title which tells us what it is about, such as Calling/to call and Might have been sent.

    1. (A) and (B) are both correct.

    2. Only (A) is right.


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