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    One Day Your Here and The Next Day Your Gone

    I had been getting into alot of trouble- failing classes, starting fights, and showing rebellious tendencies towards my parents. The first time I seen a dead body was May 29, 2006. The cold, stiff, limpless body assured me that the girl in the coffin was really dead. Her name was Amy Elizabeth Martin. Tradgetically she died at age eight-teen and she was my best friend. Despite Amy's death, I loved her unconditionally from elementary throughout high-school. She remained a loyal and trust-worthy friend, a good student, and a soft spoken person.

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    Re: One Day Your Here and The Next Day Your Gone

    So, what's the question?

    By the way, I don't know if the thread titles can be corrected, but you might try it. Your should be you're in both instances.

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