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    lock, lock in, lock out, lock up, lock together, lock away

    Dear teachers,

    Would you be kind enough to tell me a few further explanatory words about the usage of the verbs in bold in the following sentences?

    I noticed Robert and Faces Sunward lingering at the classroom door, locked in a discussion that seemed intense.

    lock in = join, involve

    The dangerous criminals have all been locked up.

    Send someone over with another key; I've locked myself in by mistake.

    lock in =

    On the newer television sets, the color is locked in so that you don't need to keep changing the controls.

    lock in = fix

    Money paid into this insurance contract is locked in until you die or stop working.

    lock in = deposit, freeze

    Although the jewels were locked away (in a strongbox), the thieves stole them without any difficulty.

    lock away = lock something in a locker/ safe

    If you come home as late as this again, you'll find yourself locked out of the house!

    lock out =

    His teeth were locked together.

    lock together = clasp

    Jane was locked in the arms of her husband.

    They locked their hands.

    lock = entangle; intertwine

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    Re: lock, lock in, lock out, lock up, lock together, lock away

    You seem to grasp the correct way to use "lock" in all of your examples. You've put together an interesting collect of examples. I'm sure you'll keep a lock your students' interest and they'll lock these examples deeply into their memory.

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