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    evident/ obvious

    Dear teachers,

    Would you be kind enough to give me further information about the usage of the adjectives in bold in the sentence below?

    He looked at his five children with evident pride.

    His frown made it evident to all that he was displeased.

    His innocence was evident.

    I strolled to the window, wondered at her evident desire to justify her presence in the room. (A. Christie, “The Murder of roger Ackroyd”)

    She paused; she raised her hand to the throat in evident agitation. (D. Carter, “Tomorrow is with Us”)

    It was evident that he meant to go for good.

    His intentions were too obvious to be mistaken.

    It was obvious that he considered himself a criminal without any defense to offer for his crime. (A. Benet. “The Old Wives’ Tale”)

    He received (the answer) with obvious satisfaction. (Ch. Bronte, “Jane Eyre”)


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    Re: evident/ obvious

    Hi Vil

    I believe that, probably in all cases mentioned, the word "evident" can be replaced by the word "obvious".

    Hope this helps

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