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    Re: The correct pronunciation of the word "Garage".

    A friend of mine in Minnesota once asked me this one. She said "you Brits all say 'guhraj', doncha?"

    Well, no. That's the RP, but I honestly haven't heard it for quite a while, even in the South (of England). I've heard three versions. I am old enough to remember when, if you had one, you were almost obliged to call it your 'guhraj' - it was rude not to. We looked up to those folk.

    My parents were 'upwardly-mobile', so we moved into a house with a 'GAraj', and I still remember my mother telling me not to mix with the offspring of the riff-raff who had no choice but to share a communal block of 'garridges'.

    Plus ca change, eh?

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    Re: The correct pronunciation of the word "Garage".

    Quote Originally Posted by selena
    It's the same with tumaetoe/tumahtoe,
    Which is right??
    Depends mainly on what side of the Atlantic you are on. There is no right and wrong here, only a standard American pronunciation and a standard British pronunciation.

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    Re: The correct pronunciation of the word "Garage".

    The American pronunciation is similar to UK's isnt it?
    I mean I would seriously freak out if I hear anyone pronunce it as 'gah-ridge'.
    Sounds like a new type of fridge that is made especially for garages.

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