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    rustle up a little tail

    Alan: Hey, hey, there is nothing wrong with bragging on my son. He's a reflection of me, and if that compensates for some of my social clumsiness...

    Charlie: And maybe rustles up a little tail.
    What does "rustles up a little tail" mean? Is "tail" slang for sex (because that's what it seem to imply)?

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    Re: rustle up a little tail

    Yes, "tail" is sometimes a slang term for sex. Usually it refers to a man seeking out women for sex:

    "I spent more time drinking beer and chasing tail as a teenager than I did studying algebra and chemistry."

    "I've heard that the girls in this town are pretty hot. After we're all checked in at the hotel, why don't we go to some clubs and see if we can rustle up a little tail?"

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