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    sheet music , score

    Hi, I'd like to know a native speaker's opinion about the use of the words music sheet and score when you are talking about paper with musical notes.
    I have the following questions.
    1) are they synonyms or one of them is mostly referred to classical music while the other to pop? Or if the choice depends on the "use" of music, I mean for films, theatrical shows, and son on.....
    2) Since this forum is attended by native speakers of English with different nationalities, I would like to know if English, Canadian, American, Australian people and so on have the same opinion on the use of these words and if all of them commonly use one of them mostly.

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    Re: sheet music , score

    Wikipedia has an excellent article on this subject:

    Sheet music - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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    Re: sheet music , score

    Sheet music can be any loose pages of tunes or whatever, a score refers to a complete work.

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