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Thread: Children's Book

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    Children's Book

    I found the greatest book. It has taught my children to believe in themselves and become more creative in their thinking/playing.

    If you want to inspire your kids, this book is for you.

    I found some reviews on-line about this book, I will post them here.

    Book Title - The Little Prince and His Magic Wand

    Reviews -

    "As a University instructor, I was asked by our pre-school program to be a "guest reader" to a delightful group of 15 little ones. I want to thank you for this wonderful story. Even though I read three stories to the group, they were MOST enthralled by "The Little Prince" with its beautiful illustrations and great, uplifting story. Your book challenges little ones to be the best person they can be! The story is one of perseverance and how hope and belief in one's self can overcome adversity. It is a most intriguing story and it is destined to become a classic. I certainly hope you have more stories on the way."

    Professor Dwayne Garrett

    Steve Mills -

    "A delightful fable for children of all ages. Jillian M Curtis brings the genre of simple, melodious, story telling from the ancient oral traditions up to date in a way that both charms and delicately etches a wry smile on even the dourest face.

    Concisely penned, and never patronizing in tone, Curtis weaves a captivating charm within the narrative."

    Here is a link to where you can see the book -

    cut and paste this.

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    Re: Children's Book

    may be it's interesting , but i am not interested in it seems like a bad AD

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    Re: Children's Book

    i think this book is useful

    thanks alot

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