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    Please help! Acedemic Goals Essay for College!

    Could someone please check over this? It's supposed to be under 300 words, but I'd like to expand just a little more and make it better. My ma thinks it's a little too generic, and I'm depending on good essays to get into this school!

    Essay #1
    In an essay of 300 words or less, please discuss your academic interests and/or professional goals.

    We live in a rapidly changing Earth where our race thrives on ever-increasing knowledge and millions of other diverse and beautiful species co-exist with us. However, this seemingly beautiful planet has a plague that we have mistakenly brought on to it. This plague consists of many adversities including air and water pollution, the destruction of habitats, the poaching of animals, and the introduction of invasive species to new ecosystems. During the past 18 years, there has not been one young lady who has been more entranced with the conservation of nature than me. From the time I was a kindergartner, my most frequently watched channel on the T.V. has been Animal Planet. Since then, I have always wondered what I would do with my life in order to make a difference in the world. Iíve contemplated being a veterinarian or a doctor, but neither seems big enough for me. I donít just want to cure patients one at a time; I want to affect the entire world with my discoveries! I want to change millions of lives and create medications that can be used all over the world to benefit both people and nature. I plan to pursue a degree in biology so that I can apply to a graduate program that allows me to positively affect animals, people, and the environment. By following my passion, I know that I can make my mark on the world.

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    Re: Please help! Acedemic Goals Essay for College!

    Quote Originally Posted by vannah08510 View Post
    I'm depending on good essays to get into this school! .
    If the school is using your esssay to judge whether to accept you or not, it would be wrong for us to help you.

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