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    Help in writing an essay - Urgent.

    Hi there,
    I am in need of help for writing an essay based on these topics:
    - Be like the duck: Calm above the water but paddling hard underneath
    - Money is not the root of all evil. Love is.
    - There is no point in saving hard-earned money
    - If you lived so cautiously, it will mean not living at all.
    - The past is wilderness of horror.

    Please give me ideas for these topics and tell me which of them you would recommend me to write. Help would be very much appreciated! :D

    P.S. This is really urgent.

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    Re: Help in writing an essay - Urgent.

    hello Joelstar
    All the topics are equally accessible for writing. here are some insights

    1. a. Shining success is a product of hard-work.
    b. Everybody in society is an actor masquerade their inner core behind calmness.
    c. Viewing events from different perspective is a must for truth-finding.

    2. a.Love is blind, It makes people ignorant of their surroundings. is also the root of a lot of goodness but it all derives from love
    c.Every behavior and creation of humanity is a result of subjectivity.

    3. this topic is very specific Its pretty much an aggree or disaggree topic
    a.freedom and rapid development is the demand of 21st centuary. Investment is more important than saving.
    b.saving is a virtue and it should also applied financially.

    4. a. Life is short and about freedom and self-actualization. There should be no shackles to our living.
    b. Life is hard and we make it meaningful by being cautious and overcome the defficulties.
    c. A begger could think he is very cautious whereas a king could think he is not. vice-versa. The key is interpretation.

    5. a. The future are blossoms of hope.
    b. Horrors from the past is the watering of one's strength.
    c. The past horror could be a manipulative tool in propaganda
    d. Human are constantly living in horror, horror of the past, horror of death and horror of uncertainty. Horror is the main rythm of life

    These are all perspectives, you can also generate more perspectives by your own from the topic. The key here is to see what is required of this essay. Is it open-ended or not, What is the type of the essay (aggree or disaggree) etc. Once you are certain of these, choose a perspective and expand from that perspective.

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    Re: Help in writing an essay - Urgent.

    Ideas for past is a wilderness of horror.

    Horror obviously relates to the many tragedies in our collective past - wilderness to the unpredictability of events as they unfold here on Earth.

    One interesting angle is talking about how, as the past is a wilderness, it is very hard to learn from the past. I would also discuss the issue of evolution and progress, or rather, the thesis that despite technological and industrial revolutions and evolution, one could argue that mankind has progressed very little, if at all.

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