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Thread: reach/arrive at

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    reach/arrive at

    Do the following sets mean the same thing?
    1-1. She reached Berlin on Tuesday morning.
    1-2. She arrived at Berlin on Tuesday morning.
    2-1. She finally reached the decision to do that.
    2-2. She finally arrived at the decision to do that.
    Thank you.

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    Re: reach/arrive at

    With 1-2, I'd use 'in' for the city. Otherwise, they mean the same to me.

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    Re: reach/arrive at

    Thank you very much, tdol.

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    Re: reach/arrive at


    it is very common to take arrive at for getting into cities or countries or whatsoever.You may well use reach for the same meaning and it's well meant,too,but it is more common to see it with things like:I've reached the dog or I will reach my goal.


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