please correct my composition.It was a journey which someone had it and who told me about it and I tried to put it here in written form and I know I have made a lot of mistakes but hope I will get helpful instructions and points from your side,which I had left or forgot here.So it's as it is as it happened to person who visited there.Listen to him He said.....

'' Last year my cousins and I decided to go to/to visit to Naran with my uncle.We departed/left Lahore(city) at night at 9 p.m.And we arrived Kaghan in the noon at 12 p.m.We stayed in a restaurant for three hours and had breakfast and lunch together.Then we started journey to Naran,it took about 9 hours arriving there.Now we were there,I was so excited and I found everything more than my dreams and thoughts.It was night when we reached there so we stayed in a hotel and took rest to refresh ourselves for next day journey.
Early in the morning we had breakfast and got out of the hotel.My uncle didn't have any experience of driving on mountain areas so we hired a jeep and a guide to reach the Lake Saif-ul-Malook.It was summer vacations when we were there so due to summer season most of the glaciers had melted to an extent.Then we went boating on the lake,we enjoyed boating there much.We played over a glacier which was not melted till then.We roamed along the lake much.The scene was so beautiful that we took some snaps to trap the beauty of nature.We went horse-ridding on the mountains near the lake.Then we decided to stay near the lake whole night.We did camping there but unfortunately we reserved place near the lake and due to wetness we didn't succeed to burst a fire to make ourselves warm.Moreover it was drizzling at night and the cool breeze was blowing as well.So we had to come back to hotel at 3 p.m at night.We passed rest of the night at hotel.We were dead tired and soon we got sound sleep.
Next day we departed Naran for getting back my city Lahore.My cousins and I didn't want to come back from such type of pleasant place but we had to come back.But it was so beautiful and pleasant journey and it was one of my journey which I had ever enjoyed.''