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    after his surgery,,,

    "Though his surgery was successful, he says [ the part | the scar | the cut part ] still aches."
    I know that 'wound' is caused by an intentional attack using a knife or gun, 'injury' is caused by a bomb attack and 'hurt' is a very serious injury or wound.
    However, what do you say to describe the cut part in surgery. I guess 'wound', 'injury' and 'hurt' cannot be used for this. 'The part' or 'the scar' or 'the cut part' or any other? Perhaps, 'it still aches' is OK? Thank you in advance.

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    Re: after his surgery,,,

    Operation or incision

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    Re: after his surgery,,,

    Thanks for your response.
    Does 'operation' alone mean the part?
    Or 'operation site' or 'operation area' is good?

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