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    on/at the corner

    Do these all work?
    1-1. There used to be a police box IN the corner.
    1-2. There used to be a police box AT the corner.
    1-3. There used to be a police box ON the corner.
    2-1. Turn left IN the next corner.
    2-2. Turn left AT the next corner.
    2-3. Turn left ON the next corner.
    Also, is there any US/UK difference?
    Thank you.

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    Re: on/at the corner


    I guess that those forms are all correct.In any way people will understand you.I guess one will spend its whole life trying to reason which one is the correct and which one is not.In any case,people will understand that the box is on,in,at the corner.

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    Re: on/at the corner

    I use 'in the corner' for something inside a room, enclosed space, so it doesn't work for a police box IMO. I think 2 & 3 work, though I'd use 'on'. I would generally use 'at the corner' for a temporary location. Therefore, with the directions, I'd say 'at'.

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    Re: on/at the corner

    Dear Tdol,
    Thank you very much for the valuable information.
    1-3, (1-2), 2-2, right? Great!
    Have you ever hear the Japanese term 'KOBAN'?
    A very small house (box) on a corner where a policeman is.
    I hear KOBAN is used in other countries also.
    Thank you again.

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