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    Learning through podcast

    Hello everyone
    I have found a podcast which is very helpful. I am not exaggerating when I say it is the best English course I've ever found. I found it out three days ago. It is awesome thus I want to share it with you . I don't have a link just go to iTunes and look for English as a second language podcast. ESLpod. I am not spammer it is free and I don't own it anyway. The host is called Dr. Jeff
    Enjoy it
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    Re: Learning through podcast

    Those podcasts are good enough, but not the best! I prefer, they are much better and more interesting. The podcasts from have the second place in my rating, - third. I am not a spammer, either.

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    Re: Learning through podcast

    You can find more podcasts here: ESL Podcasts - ESL Web Directory -

    Jazz_4- your post went into moderation as the spam detection flagged it up, but I am afraid that's a price we have to pay because of the spammers.

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