Having the opportunity to work in various companies allowed me to observe, compare and analyse many different ways of managing. My experiences reassured me that to administrate a well prospered place, control companyís finances and undertake decisions you need talent and knowledge. I am willing to develop my skills and obtain necessary knowledge by studying Management. I believe that understanding marketing principles and gaining practical skills, will increase my chances on management field and make me confident business practitioner.

Leadership and administration were something I always looked forward in my life. Since I was in school age I manifested abilities to rule and guide. Being a chairwoman throughout all primary and secondary classes was great experience; it helped me to understand better other needs, and showed the importance of good communication. I enjoyed taking part in organising exhibitions, events and after school activities.

Having the chance to run shop as a team leader, gave me opportunity to test myself as a person in charge. Working in rush and under pressure required good organisational and leading skills, but also calmness and ability to focus. Team working was essential and important part of the business. When one person was not performing well it demobilized rest and had overall result in sales figures. I learnt how to talk with people to encourage and motivate them.
Employment in T, in Str, allowed me to become acquainted with elements of accounting. As a person responsible for admin and office duties I needed to be accurate, disciplined and computer literate. I learnt independent work, self-organizing and handling challenging situations on my own.
Important part of my everyday life are swimming and workouts, they are helping me to keep body fit and de-stress. Systematic training taught me persistence and not giving up.
I have gone through a lot in my life, and today I can proudly call myself a fighter. I am ambitious, determined and hardworking person and once I set myself a goal I will not give up until be fully satisfied. I like setting standards high for myself, as I think that victory is appreciated more, when you worked hard for it.
I am aware that studying Management will be challenging and demanding, but I am ready for it. As I am highly motivated and enjoy the subject, I am confident of success. After completion I would like to continue education to achieve BA in Management.