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    Re: Best online ESL jobs????

    Quote Originally Posted by I'm With Stupid View Post
    I don't really understand this. Why would you have lesson plans before you know who you're teaching?
    I see your point, but I have to say that when I had prepared a lesson on a certain area of lexis/grammar/pronunciation or on a particular theme, I would keep the lesson plan afterwards. It was often useful, sometimes with very little amendment, for future lessons.

    If you teach several fairly standard courses, the the overall lesson plans are often very similar for each group of learners. This is especially true if you are following a course book.

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    Re: Best online ESL jobs????

    I have just saved lesson plans made up by other friends of mine that teach online, I have saved them over the years..... They are all different topics, grammer, conversation, leveled from 6-12. All PDF 45min - 1hr lessons...... Of course I would have to taylor or make up new ones if I didn't have one that fit for the students needs...

    Thanks for the tip on the site... checking it out

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    Cool Re: Best online ESL jobs????

    Quote Originally Posted by eslteacherchad View Post
    Hello all

    I am trying to find a better online company to work for.... I hope someone out there can help me....

    I am curently working for tutorabc and I have completed over 1000 classes, They provide all the class material, clients software etc... they make it really easy and they have as many classes available as you can teach....However the drawback is that is only pays $10 USD for each 45 min class. I am trying to find another online company to try working for with a similar platform. I don't want to make up my lesson plans, want simplicity...

    I am hoping to find something that pays between $12-$15 USD a class.... There are so many companies out there it makes my head spin...

    I thought we could use this thread to throw ideas around. I would be happy to share with you my experiences also.... Englishtown is another that is similar to tutorabc but again it is only $10 USD a class

    Hi. I've worked pretty steadily for both Talk to Canada, and Online Online. I've quit both for different reasons; however, they both pay $15/hr. And you don't have to make up your own lessons, until you start teaching individuals. Hope that helps.

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