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    Post An essay for LPI

    Hello, I need some help and advises about LPI essay; Here is an essay I just wrote. Appreciate any comments, advise or criticisms. The essay topic is "The social aspect of life at a college or university is just as important as the academic aspect"

    plasticity and malleability are two of the top qualities demanded by 21st century . In my opinion, the balance of social and academic life is a demonstration of such qualities which should be possessed by any university student. Whereas the academic study compose the main rhythm of an university life, the social aspect plays its melody. Together but not alone, they make a great music.
    In university, Academic study is usually accompanied by hard-work. five or six classes a day is not uncommon. Even though hard work is a crucial part to success, recovery is just as important. Recent study on psychology has revealed that a better performance is achieved by a combination of hard work and recovery. Social life is important for students to recover; A party with friend or a talk with family is the source of rejuvenation for a lot of students.
    Academics is a beautiful portrait in the brain and the realization of such art is by hand and society. Cognitive ability and intelligence is emphasized by academic study and it is important to praise and grace the mental power of humanity. However, It is also important to find the instrument for such expression. Social life focus on the ability of communication, interaction and organization. It is a training ground for students to express ideas, to host events and to make a difference in their community. The engagement in social activities will be invaluable experiences for students when they work on the realization of their academic dreams.
    There are a lot more benefits of balancing the academic and social aspects of a university life. Both aspects are as important and interdependent. Students should acquire the flexibility of managing their time and take the right action timely.

    I also have some questions about LPI essay:
    1. which is better, an open ended essay or a more defined essay.
    2.Is it better to be specific or general, or does it totally depend on the clarity of one's idea.
    3.what are the strengths and weakness they focus on evaluating a LPI essay.

    Thanks for your time
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