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TOPIC:healthy people should take care of HIV-infected ones. discuss

HIV is known as one of the most serious diseases ever in the world. Despite the fact that people who meet this disease are very weak and miserable, many people think that we should stay away from HIV-infected people because it's very dangerous. However, to my perspective, we should take care of these unlucky people for these following reasons.
first of all, helping other people, especially misfortunate people, is a moral requirement. what make human be the most senior animal in the world is the emotion. We live together in the same world and we need to help each other in order to make the world better. therefore, if you are human and have emotion, it's right to take care of HIV-infected people as your friend.
Moreover, we have to take responsibilities for our mistakes. Most HIV-people meet this disease because of our bad education. Most of politicians often promise to their citizens that they will improve the education standard in order to make our children become a good citizens and have a better life. However, arcording to recent research, the number of crime and also HIV-people are increasing rapidly. Therefore, it's our responsibility to correct our faults.
Supporter of staying away from HIV people may say that it's waste of time and very dangerous because HIV virus can infect our body at anytime. Nevertheless, this theory has some merits on the surface.HIV-virus just affects our body by blood way, not by communication.
In short, it's undeniable that HIV is a very dangerous disease. However, we must have responsibility to take care and encourage them to become an useful people for the world.