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    grammar reference

    What are some other heavy duty English grammar/usage references besides:

    a) The Cambridge Grammar of the English Language
    b) The Comprehensive Grammar of the English Language


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    Re: grammar reference

    How far back in time do you want to go? Apart from Quirk et al and Hudleston and Pullum the heaviest (I donít know about duty) grammars on my shelves are:

    Biber, Douglas; Johansson, Stig; Leech, Geoffrey; Conrad, Susan and Finegan, Edward (1999) Longman Grammar of Spoken and Written English, Harlow: Longman

    Carter, Ronald & McCarthy, Michael (2006) Cambridge Grammar of English, Cambridge: CUP

    Celce-Murcia, Marianne and Larsen-Freeman, Diane (1999)The Grammar Book , 2nd edn,,Cambridge, Mass.: Newbury House

    Jespersen, Otto (1909-1949), A Modern English Grammar on Historical Principles, Copenhagen: Levin & Munksgaard, and London: George Allen & Unwin

    Kruisinga, E (1909-1932 ). A Handbook of Present-Day English, Groningen: Noordhoff

    Poutsma, H (1904-29) A Grammar of Late Modern English; Groningen: PNoordhof

    Sweet, Henry(1891-8) A New English Grammar, Oxford: Clarendon Press

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