Dear Ms.A,

Could your company be possible to send your workers to complete the order of replacing the tiles at the fitness machine of our club this week. We have issued an order of repair as early as 02.07.2011 and according to the telephone conversations with you during the past two weeks, your workers should have completed the order before the beginning of this week. However, it really surprises me that your workers have never shown up, nor have I heard anything from you since then. I wonder if you are faced with any problems with the order. If so, please bring the matter to my attention as soon as possible.
I should repeat that we have been inconvenienced by your delay in the replacement of the tiles at the fitness machine as we already have received several complaints from the club users and even the regional councilor. It appears that they are very discontented with the closure of the fitness machine and the progress of the repair. I assure you that we have always adopted a very understanding attitude, but I shall be forced to report the case to Mr. B, your senior official if we do not have the replacement of the tiles at the fitness machine in the very near future.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.