Do you agree that people can only make friends with people similar to them? Give your reasons.
As there cannot be two identical people in the world, there can also not be two people who are exactly different. However, there are indeed people who share more interests and personalities and people who share less. When it comes to whether people can make friends with someone vastly different from him or her, my answer would be yes. Even though it's more likely for similar people to appeal to each other in the first place, comparatively different people can also develop deep friendship on account of people's needs to find a different ego and experience new ways of living.

I have to admit that similar personalities draw people together as well as common interests provide people chances to talk. At most times, an outgoing person would find people similar to him or her easier to make friends with. Of course he would like to invite such a person to go to parties together since a quiet friend will probably not enjoy such an occasion. In the same way, people grow interest towards someone who shares hobbies with them. When you see someone at the library reading the same book you'd borrowed last month, it's very likely that you will feel related to this person and what to get closer. These are all examples of how easy it is for similar people to become friends.
However, always hanging out with people who hardly differ from you gives you little chance to chance yourself. When people grow, consciously or unconsciously, dissatisfaction about the current selves, they then pay attention to the opposite of them. A timidperson may someday want to dump cowardness and embrace challenges. If he or she happens to have a group of courageous friends, he or she then can find them to be models and try to emulate them. Changes may happen even before themselves knowing. To make friends with different people afford one with the chance to perfect one's personality.

Another major reason to make friends with someone you are unfamiliar with is to make some difference to daily routines. After being friends with a group of professional travelers, an ordinary employee formerly work around the clock to make ends meet may quit his job to travel around the world. The amazing experience gained along the way may turn out to far outweigh the rewards given by working in a fixed position. A plus effect of living a different kind of life has something with personality as well. Traveling may make the former employee more free-wheeling and adventurous. It always pays to break away from one’s fixed ways of living and it often happens through influences from friends who live differently from them.
By making friends with people different from you, one can bring differences to his or her personality and break new ground in the ways of living that he or she cannot or dare not to live in before. Though the odds are bigger for people to befriend similar people in terms of personalities and hobbies, the rewards also abound if they can make friends with someone different. Not only they can try out some new ways of living but their personalities will change as well.