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    healthy or healthful?

    My dear friends I have a question and I know you will help me because you have never let me down.

    I have no words to describe how helpful you have been to my English learning. Thank you ever so much. You are really nice people.

    My question is "what is the difference between healthy and healthful?" and "which one is more common if there is no difference?"

    Again, my sincere thanks to all the teachers that work hard and help learners who do not have the money to pay for private English classes.

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    Re: healthy or healthful?

    'Healthy' s more common IMO. I don't use 'healthful' at all and don't see it used much in British English. It may be more common in American English. In terms of meaning, 'healthy' has a wider meaning- it can either mean in good health, or leading to good health, while 'healthful' seems to be used for the latter only:

    He's healthy (here, I wouldn't use 'healthful)
    Healthy/Healthful living- here both can be used for a lifestyle designed to keep you in good health

    PS- You're welcome.

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