Could you please check if the following letter is correct? Thanks a lot in advance


JC, Pediatrician at the Hospital . and invited Assistant at the Faculty of Medicine of FFF, tutored JMP -- a 5th year medical student - in the academic year 2010-2011 (second semester), in the practical classes of Pediatrics II.

During the period of five months he worked with me at the Department of Pediatrics, JMP revealed a solid, consistent and dynamic academic training.
He stood out immediately by his high intelligence and seriousness dealing with clinical situations, integrating with full accuracy and adequacy the extensive knowledge of the basic disciplines that sustain his performance. .

He was always rigorous? (reliable) in the formulation of clinical histories, with a careful compilation of anamnestic data and careful observation of children, formulating diagnostic hypotheses adjusted to the degree of his curriculum level, although often constrained by his obvious practical inexperience due to his pre-graduated level.

JMP demonstrated a significant motivation for both theoretical and practical learning.

According to the established curriculum, we gave more attention to the preparation of clinical histories and performing of detailed physical examinations, with the repeated determination of blood pressure, as well as otoscopy and fundoscopy examination.
JMP participated in the formulation of the application as well as in the interpretation of analytical tests and also in the appropriate requisition (request?) and interpretation of laboratory tests - imaging (chest x-ray, abdominal Rx, Rx bone cystourethrography, skull-brain CT) and nuclear medicine (cystography, and MAG3 renogram and DMSA renal cintigram.

He performed blood collection (He carried out the blood sample??)- arterial, venous and capillary - , he did the interpretation of urine analysis test strip, and attended?? (watched) performance of urine culture (collection bag, through jet, indwelling catheters and bladder puncture) and collection of cerebrospinal fluid by puncturing back.

He had a good relationship with colleagues and other professionals of the Department of Pediatrics. He always expressed his opinions with determination but in a respectful manner, though episodically (sometimes) dissonant from their colleagues or myself.

He is very disciplined in his training, ambitious and determined in his purposes.

It was a great pleasure for me to have known and worked with the student JMP.

I am sure that this recommendation for a practical training in your hospital is fully justified, and that you will gradually confirm the broad but clear set of attributes explained above.

I foresee (Im fully convinced) (I have no doubt) that JMP will develop a medical career full of success