TOFELwrting:Intelligent friends are more important than humurous friends.
Could anybody help me make this piece of writing better. Please help me find out the mistakes or the places that could be expressed more properly. Thanks!!

Intelligent friends or humurous friends, which one do you think people need more?Give your reasons.
My answer:
In real life, we need all kinds of friends to be around us. Some of them give us advices by the use of their intelligence, while others can always cheer us up via a good sense of humor. The line between these two kinds of friends isn't as clear as stated in the topic. It's just we have needs for different characteristics in different situations. When we need advice, we go to our intelligent friends and when we need laugh, we go to find some from our humorous friends, who maybe are just the same people with our intelligent friends.
Firstly, an intelligent friend can also happen to be a humorous person and a humorous person is very likely to have certain level of intelligence. It is true that intelligence is always displayed through witty comments or remarks. The reason why the humorous friends are always the ones who can successfully draw everybody's attention and make people laugh is probably because of their unique perspective of things happening around us. In that case, we can conclude that funny friends are usually somehow intelligent. So the truth is people normally don't have friends who represent intelligence solely and who represent humor solely.

When we agree on that people can be intelligent and humorous at the same time, we have to decide which kind in most needed and I think it depends on the situation. It is when we are in troubles and so in an urgent need of advice that an intelligent friend comes in handy. With an intelligent friend around is like having a big brother or sister. When people stuck in situations like when they have no idea whether to quit the current job to pursuit something new, an intelligent friend can enlighten them by using his or her own intuition and experience so that it's less likely for us to make a major mistake. In other words, we need intelligent friends when there is a decision to make.

However, there are other moments when we don't want to escape from the major concerns in life for a while and that when a humorous friend can serve as a good company. If one is searching for some relaxation, such a friend will watch comedy with you and make fun of the characters by emulating them after watching. A humorous friend will make practical jokes at times with the good intention to make you forget about your problems for a moment. A humorous friend will help you come to your problem in a different way so that the problems donít seem to be as scary any more. Such a friend is a reliable source of your confidence and courage in life.

In summary, since there are both needs to have friends who can cheer we up and ones who can give us instructive opinions, it's always better to have both kinds of friends. For the same token, if someone thinks he himself is just a person with both wisdom and humor, why not display these qualities to people around him? Maybe he could attract more people around and have more valuable friendship.