Could anybody help me make this piece of writing better. Please help me find out the mistakes or the places that could be expressed more properly. Thanks!! Should teachers give all students in the same group the same grade after a task?

Today's students have to join a lot of group work during classes. After those classes, however, teachers will meet with the problems as to scoring each member of a group and this grade is usually regarded as the representation of each member's performance in that group. Do we need to give the same grade to all members to underline the sense of team involved in those tasks or is it better to score differently according to different parts of job and different performances of the students? I think the later would work better for it precludes grudges in the team and gives students the motivation to do better.

In this first place, a group cannot be called a group if members in the group only care about their own part of work or totally leave the work to other members. Even though members are assigned to different kinds of work, all their participations combine to determine the success of a group. For example, to conduct a survey successful students have to find people to design the whole activity, distribute questionnaires in the street, analyze results and use the computer to put the results into words and graphs. Tasks of different nature have to be assigned to suitable ones to guarantee their task could be finished efficiently. To give credit to everyone's contribution to the group, maybe it's good idea to give them all the same grade. However, this will turn out totally unfair for some students.

Those students may be the ones that devote extraordinarily to the group. For example, for an acting club, the ones who wrote the script for the drama for the whole group to work on may deserve the most. To begin with, they may have to play roles while being responsible to explain the lines and settings to others. Maybe he or she will also take up the job of the director automatically since no one can understand this drama even better the writer. So it's would be unreasonable for people like this to receive grades like everyone else.

Another dominant drawback of the system of giving all students in the same group the same grade would be dereliction of duty on part on some less invested members in the group. Those members may not be as devoted because their capacities can not be displayed in the group. As a result, these people are very likely to delay their work or leave it to others to finish. When this happens and the teacher happens to fail to notice this, others may feel especially irritated to see all of them get the same grade.

Generally speaking, even though I admit that a sense of team needs to be maintained and promoted among group members to encourage them to more cooperation more willingly, I don't think this only advantage would overweight the various disadvantages of this practice. Devoted students may be disencouraged and laziness can be bred. For an alternative, I think people could compare the work of each member in the group to people in other groups for a more justifiable judgment because it makes more sense to compare people doing the same kind of work.All in all, the practice of giving students in one group all the same grade would be dangerous and detrimental to the operation of that group.