I really need help checking cover letter. I know that my letter a bit too long but I don't know which part I should cut them. They are all seemed important in my eyes. One of my friend said I should personalise my letter like put oversea working experience. Where should I put it? If I add the content below I think my letter will way too long.

i.e. I had one year oversea working experienced with the membership organisation in UK after I finished my Sales and Marketing Internship course there which I had gained more knowledge about International business and improve my language ability.

Please help me, I really need anyone suggestion.

Product Manager (Marketing Manager) Position

I am writing you to express my interest in the position of Product Manager (Marketing Manager) Position advertised on xxxx.com.

I am highly organised, hardworking, team playerand motivated professional with an extensive background in Marketing, Product and Account Management.With more than 8 years of combined experience, I was involved in high-level strategy development, identified new marketing channels, developed and implemented online and offline marketing campaigns, initiated cost saving project and am responsible for maintain strong interpersonal relationships with management, various departments, business partners, advertising agencies , and sales staff and would describe myself as a 'self starter'.

My particular skill set would include strong analytical and problem solving attributes where I have produced notable accomplishments in the organizations where I have worked. For example;

- Developed new marketing channel
- Grew 17% of fee revenue from the product under my responsibilities by expanding sales forces.
- Delivered highest number of new enrollments
- Gained the client trust by providing cost saving analysis project which generated 4.2 MB fee revenue from this client.

I have a Master degree in Educational and a BBA in Management. My education background in Psychology has given me a strong interpersonal relationships skill, multi tasking and working efficiently under pressure. My goal is to continue learning and developing my expertise in my future role. I believe that I would be a perfect fit for (Company name) and that this is a role in which I could continue to exercise and broaden my marketing skills.

I have enclosed a copy of my resume and I would welcome the opportunity to discuss my application and look forward to hearing back from you. In the meantime please contact me at 087 xxx xxxx or xxxxhotmail.com if you wish to discuss this further with me.

Thank you for your consideration.

Yours sincerely,