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    students at elementary level

    When we say students at advanced level; what is the opposite?

    Is it right to say: students at elementary level, or do you have better suggestion?


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    Re: students at elementary level

    That's fine. Beginner level is also used.

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    Re: students at elementary level

    One example of a progression of levels commonly used in several course books is : Beginner, Elementary. Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, Advanced.

    'Beginner' is usually used for a learner who has no previus knowledge. 'Elementary' for one who has had some exposure to English, and who has acquired some vocabulary and an understanding of basic grammar.

    Neither 'elementary' nor 'beginner' is really the opposite of 'advanced' - they are rather at opposite ends of a scale, though some people do think of them as opposites. Similarly, 'boiling' is only loosely the opposite of 'freezing'

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