Could you pleas rate my essay from 12. Can we truly understand ourselves?
One problem sometimes face is that they fail to understand themselves. They balk comprehending their own actions, words and demeanor. They usually find themselves remorseful about certain behaviors they did. It is the problem of self-knowledge. I do believe that the best way to solve this personality problem is to analyze ourselves.
To understand we need to know what is involved in analysis? For me, I need a great deal of time to analyze myself, I must carefully examine every reaction, every incident, every thought and trace it to its source. It implies time, doesn't it? When i look at myself, I am looking with the eyes of the past; so i condemn, judge, evaluate "This is right" . "This is wrong", " I should have done this instead". I consider the criteria for analyzing myself to my culture, tradition, and societal ideals according to the knowledge an experience I gathered
How can one look at himself? One must look at himself without division od conscious and deeper layer of consciousness. It is extremely crucial that we have a panoramic view of ourselves, a view from all directions so w can judge ourselves. When we succeed in this, we find our lives quite different. We can see the diversity that took place in our jobs, schools , or even our societal lives. I myself often confront states of misunderstanding myself, in such cases, I have no choice except to revise myself clearly. Since i do this, i feel great schism that happened and my life gets better in all its sides.
On balance ,i strongly believe that grasping ourselves and ourminds is a huge aspect ourlife. Since we gain it we find satisfaction and since we loose it we find suffering and misery.