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Thread: adverb question

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    adverb question

    Hi forum!

    I sometimes listen to English radio programmes and this came across lately:

    I did my job good.

    Shouldn't it have been: I did my job well? (How did I do my job?)
    As it is used in "..well done.."?

    I always struggle when the adjectiv/adverb comes at the end.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: adverb question

    Yes, it should be "well," but many natives will use "good" here. One might say that "good" is evolving into an adverb in these cases. In formal writing, stick to "well."

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    Re: adverb question

    You're right*. Strictly, a person who 'does good' visits the sick, feeds the hungry etc. But informally people aren't too careful about using adverbs (especially irregular ones like good/well. Football managers are famous (stereotypically) for saying 'The boy done good', meaning 'The player did well'.

    *PS - virus99, not SD of course.
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