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    Can one say:
    1-The good one is coming.
    1a-The good person is coming.

    Can one say:
    2-The good ones are coming.
    2a-The good people are coming.

    If there is to antecedent mention of persons or people. In other words, if "one" is used as a noun and is not replacing another noun that has been mentioned before.

    In this case:
    This is a bad book. The good one is over there.
    for instance, "one" is a pronoun replacing "book".

    That is not the case I have in mind.
    But when we go to someone's house, we might ask:
    3-Where is the little one?
    meaning where is the child, without there having been question of a child before.

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    Re: one

    I agree with Gil's response, except for the part about 'the little one'. Though many might find it annoying, "Where's the/my little one then?" especially if uttered in a sickly-sweet tone, would clearly refer to the child of the house - in a house where there was only one small child and no pets. With no context, I agree that we cannot use it to refer to a child.


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