I would be very grateful if somebody could find few minutes to check my PhD. thesis annotation (abstract) and at least point out my biggest/worst/most common mistakes.

I don't really need to have the text with no mistakes, I doubt anyone will ever read it.
The reason I'm asking for this is to be able to improve my formal English, because it's hard with no feedback.
(The thesis is written in another language, but it must include English annotation.)


The thesis deals with possible applications of virtual reality in mobile robotics. Two main domains are mentioned – assistance to a human operator controlling a real mobile robot and simulation of a mobile robot in purely virtual environment.

The first part proposes some methods of application of augmented reality to supplement a mobile robot camera picture with additional graphical elements in order to help the operator during navigation in unknown terrain. Specifically, it consists of a 3D model of obstacles map created by a laser scanner and visualization of driving path of the mobile robot. The purpose of the resulting display is to provide the operator with better overview of obstacle distances and passability of narrow areas. Afterwards, a way of displaying a virtual model of a mobile robot with manipulator arm is proposed, to ease manipulation tasks. All the described techniques are also practically tested on few existing mobile robots.

The second part concerns with creation of a complex simulation system for verification of characteristics of virtual models of wheeled mobile robots. First, a universal application engine capable of complex 3D scenery rendering and real-time rigid body dynamics simulation is built. The actual simulator based on this engine allows flexible definition of kinematic structure and appearance of the mobile robot and virtual testing environment. Simulation covers driving abilities of the robot, camera subsystem including stereovision, sensory subsystem and controls. Stress is especially laid on realistic rendering of 3D graphics in order to offer the operator an accurate experience when controlling a virtual mobile robot using only feedback from cameras.