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    the meaning of "coo"

    Here are some sentences from an English poem:

    The Baby's Secret

    They(little folk) tell me(baby) tales of Fairyland which grown-ups cannot hear.
    They(little folk) make me(baby) coo and chuckle when they whisper in my ear.

    What does "coo" here mean? Does it mean some nonsense sounds a baby makes? Thanks.
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    Re: the meaning of "coo"

    No, it's a bird's call: "coo, coo". We often equate it with the image of the "love bird" or innocent creatures hugging and making sounds, like a baby kissing another baby.

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    Re: the meaning of "coo"

    Your baby: 10 milestones for the first 2 years -

    "Coo" is indeed used to refer to a baby's first sounds.

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