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Thread: Admission unit?

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    Admission unit?

    check the appropriate box and indicate your desired program of study. Please consult the admissions booklet Appendix 1. You may only apply to one program

    Undergraduate Freshman College________ Admission Unit________

    Undergraduate Transfer

    Master's Program

    Doctoral Program
    Well, there's nothing difficult about understanding what the words mean. I just don't know what to make out of this.

    This is not mine, I'm just doing some translation for fun.

    I understand the applicant is supposed to pick one of the four programs stated. What I don't understand is what 'College' and 'Admission Unit' represent here. I'm guessing it's applicable only for undergraduate freshman entry and they indicate the source of the applicant's entrance. But why college and admission unit? isn't the admission unit admission office in that university? what exactly is it? And college? if the applicant comes from college, isn't he a transfer student? (Oh well but then he can choose to start from the first year, can't he?)

    I may be grasping the whole concept wrong. Please let me know what those are. And thanks again to the hard-working teachers in this forum.

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    Re: Admission unit?

    Undergraduate Freshman College
    => new students and continuing students

    Undergraduate Transfer
    => transfer students, new and ?continuing. (better check Appendix 1)

    Quote Originally Posted by HaraKiriBlade
    admission unit . . . ? what exactly is it?
    I've no idea. Why not do as the form suggest? "Please consult the admissions booklet Appendix 1."

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