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    problem with 'ing' :|


    I would like to ask about 'ing'.

    washing :a noun
    wash :a noun

    Thanks for washing or thanks for the wash or thanks for the washing.

    Are the meanings of them same?

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    Re: problem with 'ing' :|

    'Washing' is not normally used as a noun, except when it means things that have been, or are going to be, washed', as in 'It's started to rain; I must bring the washing in'.

    'Wash' can be a noun, as in, 'My shirt needs a wash'.

    Thanks for washing my clothes. 'Washing' is the gerund form of the verb 'wash'.
    Tom is in the kitchen; he is washing the dishes. Present progressive of the verb 'wash'.

    *Thanks for the wash. This is an unlikely sentence. You seem to be thanking someone for giving you a wash, i.e. washing you.

    *Thanks for the washing. This is also an unlikely sentence. You may be thanking someone for (doing the) washing, i.e., washing the clothes.

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