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    deliver, flaps, and casing

    Hello teachers,

    Nice to talk to you again.

    Thanks very much for your help every time I am stuck with the words or sentences that are new or unfamiliar to me. I really want to improve my English but I think it's long way to go and an endless task.
    Anyway, I feel lucky because I always have someone to ask for help. Actually I wonder if Using English team might ask me to make a donation for those help that I've got, which is fair enough too.

    In the paragraph below, I think that the word "deliver" probably means "save" and the reporter tried to avoid duplication. I would like to check if I am right. In addition, I'd appreciated it if you could explain what "flaps" and "casing" really are. I guess you can show me vividly if you have tried either of them, I mean, if you have put it on.

    The free trade deal with China saved the meat industry nearly $25 million last year,
    It was likely the free trade agreement with China would deliver another $21 million by the time tariffs were fully eliminated in 2016. The Chinese market is looking for quite a different product mix compared to our traditional sheepmeat markets. China was a key market for sheep flaps, used in traditional Chinese dishes, and co-products like fats, oils and animal casings.

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    Re: deliver, flaps, and casing

    I think you are right about deliver.

    Flaps are bellies and casings are intestines.

    I've never eaten sheep's flaps, but I eat casings every time time I enjoy a sausage, as the sausage meat is encased in the cleaned-out intestines.


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    Re: deliver, flaps, and casing

    "A lamb flap is one of two things: the side flap of sheep chests, or what was the top part of a lamb roast headed to the states, that was removed to make New Zealand lamb seem leaner." (Taken from this website.)

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