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Thread: "Discrete"

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    I was lucky enough to find this site on the net. This is my first submission.

    As a non-native speaker of English, I would appreciate it if you could elaborate a little on the word discrete.

    For instance, could it be used as a synonym for "separate" or even "independent"? Here is an example: "This company functions as a discrete entity in the group" (a group of companies) Would this be correct, as to register and style? (Administrative/business)

    I thank you in advance.
    Best regards,
    Kim Linklater.

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    Re: "Discrete"

    Welcome, Linklater.

    EX: "This company functions as a discrete entity in the group".
    Well, you know, it looks good, but . . . discrete means, separate, as in, non-continuous, not part of; individually distinct. So, if X is discrete, then X doesn't have a connection to "the group". That's what makes it discrete. But . . . both 'entity' and 'discrete' express the meaning distinct, which makes the phrase 'discrete entity' somewhat semantically redundant, to me at least.


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