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    "Run it past someone"

    hi, again
    and thanks so much for a prompt response to my previous question about "Discrete".

    Could you tell me what run it past someone means?

    Ex: You better run it past Leah.

    Is this a Br Eng or Am Eng expression?

    best regards,
    Kim Linklater

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    Re: "Run it past someone"

    Let Leah know. Bring it to his/her attention. Get the OK to go ahead. :)

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    Re: "Run it past someone"

    'Run it past someone' means to ask someone's opinion on a subject, to explain as ituation and see what they have to say about it.

    A: [8 year old] I'm gonna sleep over at Tanya's tonight.

    B: You'd better run that past Mom, Jean.

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