I have an exam next week and I have to write some letters in order to improve my writing. I'll be really glad if someone helps me.

Dear Karen
Sorry it has taken me so long to answer but I had to cope with some difficult problems.
Anyway, I will be glad if I could help you with your school project.
You know I am studying in a language school and this explains why we have so little sport classes. There we usually play volleyball, basketball and from time to time tennis. But like I said, sadly, having them doesn’t happen too often in my school.
About my country, I guess that football is the most common sport game. It is appreciated by both viewers and players, determined to win the game. And another thing, we have a lot of tournaments here.
Nevertheless, you won’t believe that a new sport was born in my country. Its name is ‘freerun’ and even if not all the people regard it as a sport, it may take all your energy just like the ordinary sports. So, you can find more information about it if you surf the net.
Mentioning the web space, I’d like to add that Internet is the main reason for the change of sport tastes. Actually, the video games have served to increase people’s interest not in real, outdoor sports but in virtual games.
Well, time to go. I hope that my letter will serve you well to do a better school project.
Best wishes