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    sharing is caring


    could anyone help me with the expression "sharing is caring" - what does it mean?

    thank you...

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    Re: sharing is caring

    Quote Originally Posted by mini1987 View Post

    could anyone help me with the expression "sharing is caring" - what does it mean?

    thank you...

    ***** NOT A TEACHER *****

    (1) I am sure that all the members of usingenglish welcome you.

    (2) The teachers often tell us to use context. That is, if possible, give the

    sentence in which "sharing is caring" was used.

    (3) Basically, I believe it means something like:

    When you share something, that shows you care about somebody else.

    (a) If you buy a delicious cake and go home, you will -- of course -- share it

    with your family. Why? Because you care about your family. But you probably

    would not share the cake with strangers on the street. Why? Because you --

    to be honest -- do not care about those strangers.

    (4) Also, if a friend shares a secret or problem wiith you, that friend is showing that

    s/he cares about your opinion.

    (5) I guess that charities are based on "sharing is caring." We are asked to share

    some of our money/time in order to show that we care about some people who need


    (6) I guess that people who do not share are considered "selfish." They think only

    of themselves.

    P.S. The great teachers here care about people who want to learn English, so

    they share their knowledge with us.

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