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  1. Janie

    Which one is the correct and natural sentence?

    I understand that 'also" is usually used as "adverb"
    But in the following sentence, I heard that it is "conjunction"
    "The cat is cute, also friendly."

    So whici is the correct one?
    Juggling low, on the other hand, requires the juggler to catch and throw quickly, also (increasing/ increases) the risk of error.
    If in here also is adverb, the answer is increasing, for sure.
    But in here can it be conjunction?

    I thought increasing is correct. ("increasing" in here is participle, then)

    Please help me to sort this out.

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    Re: Which one is the correct and natural sentence?

    Some dictionaries only give it as an adverb, but Wordsmyth gives both:

    I'd go for 'increasing' there. It sounds a bit clumsy to me with 'increases'- I'd probaly say 'and also increases'.

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