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Thread: Do you mind?

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    Do you mind?

    Dear Sirs,
    May I know the difference between: "Do you mind open the window?" and "Would you mind open the window?"

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    Re: Do you mind?

    Firstly, it should be 'opening'. The second is a request, while the first is a question about whether someone objects generally to opening the window, and a bit of a strange way of asking it, I think. You could 'do you mind if I open the window?', if you want to do the opening.

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    Re: Do you mind?


    First, it is "do you mind/would you mind V-ing" not bare infinitive!

    Second, if you want to sound particularly polite, or if you think the answer may be negative, you can use Would you mind + verb-ing as the preferred alternative to Could you…? Would you mind…? literally means: Would you object to…?

    Third, similarly, if we use Do / Would you mind if I…? to make a request, we may be anticipating possible objections.. and also there is the difference between Would you mind…? and Would you mind me/my…?:

    EX:Would you mind opening the door? (= you do it)

    Would you mind me/my opening the door? (= I'll do it)

    Does it make sense??

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