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    My first posted essay. May anyone correct it ?

    It's about benefits of TV advertising .

    I have been a real big fan of television advertising since I was a little girl who didn’t know the world around yet. I have become more in love with advertising for the way companies introduce their new products to the market by visual and sound effects. The TV viewers like me get knowledge of consumption and enjoy the world of imagination on advertising.
    TV advertising is the fastest and shortest channel helping consumers to get to know a new product just placed in the market. When a company launches a new product, they bring it on advertising to announce TV watchers its appearance. Just in a short moment, the viewers who is also consumers are informed a new choice which supports for their purchase decision.

    Many viewers are addicted to the world of images on advertising films. To attract the viewers, ads producers have to work hard to come up ideas and put them in scenarios with adding sound tracks and visual effects. The key purpose of TV advertisings is to have the viewers’ attention and memorization. As a result, the viewers benefit from savoring in the world of images, sounds and creations.

    In conclusion, provided information of products and entertainment, TV viewers are beneficiaries in the race of companies using advertising to connect to their current and potential customers. Consequently, there is a significant increase in cost of advertising in TV prime time.
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