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    The Art of Learning a new Language

    Dedicated to all the people who want to live the experiences of learning a new language.

    Fundamentally the most important and necessary thing that you have to take care of when you learn a language is the will, tenacity, and effort.

    Personally I can speak a little bit of German, English and Italian, of course there is as well my primary language Spanish. I learnt all this languages by myself without any teacher and I was never on any of these countries before. I just remember my will to learn and communicate with other people in other languages. I was also lucky to work in a hotel as a waiter and then like receptionist so I had the chance to practice a lot.

    If somebody asks me the secret behind learning a language I would say that basically you have to forget your fear, most people just don’t learn because they’re afraid. They don’t want to make mistakes when they try to speak. Having the experience of teaching languages (I work for an academy that you may know if you visit ) I could see that one of the principal reasons that stop someone to speak is the fear of make a mistake and say something wrong when someone who is a natural speaker approach them. They start to think about the best way to answer, but instead the just say nothing, because they’re afraid, they loose time thinking about saying anything right but no my friend the can’t.

    I remember when I was working in hotels that a lot of people made fun of me when I said these funny things. But as I always say it is just a matter of attitude, I had to options the first one to get mad and the second one to make fun of myself. Luckily I always choose the second one and I learnt a lot because after the fun came the correction

    So the first thing to get trough with is the fear of speaking, after that everything just go easier. Then we should practice a lot. I remember I got obsessed with the German when I was learning it. And thanks to this I could learn it very fast in less than four months.

    In the academy where I work in this moment, I use the intimidation, the pain and the pressure to help my students when learning a new language. Perhaps some people disagree with these techniques and I can understand them that’s because not everybody reacts the same way when they are under pressure, but its really works. Its seems incredible to me that there is people who pay an indeterminate amount to learn a language and don’t go to the classes, they don’t write any homework and they don’t practice. These are the cases where I use my magic techniques to make them talk.

    When people are intimated they normally have to ways:

    Exit number one: Say something like….”Woo…and who do you think you are to talk to me in this way?” and probably this person won’t come anymore to classes.

    Exit number two: Say something like… “Woo… it won’t happen again, I’ll try to do it better”.

    See? As I said before it is just a matter of attitude. Normally the people who don’t want to learn leave and the ones who do stay. I think that a good teacher has the ability to create good students. As teacher you have to find a way to make all your students learn.

    Finally I would like to say that learning a language depends on the will that you have to learn, if your will is strong you’ll learn easily if not then it would be more difficult.

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    Re: related to language learning

    Hi Derkanzler1!

    Your enthusiasm in learning languages is really admirable but I have a question : as far as I understood, you learned those languages in specific places, so does speaking a language just in specific contexts mean that you 'speak' that language??

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