Hi guys! I've recently found this useful forum and I must say I absolutely love it! :)
I'm currently studying to take the CAE exam (book: Objective CAE) and I've just written an informal letter, I was wondering if you could give me some tips and correct my mistakes as I don't know any natives who could give me a hand with my pieces of writing. Whatever the answer, thanks in advance! :)

Task: An english friend of yours wrote to you some time ago asking about the possibilities of working in a hotel near where you live. Here is an extract from her letter.

As you know I'm studying hotel management and as part of the course, I'm expected to get a holiday job working in a hotel. You mentioned once before that there are some great hotels near where you live. Could you let me know the name of one which you think would be good to work in? It would be even better if you could find out who I should contact...

Unfortunately you have been very busy so you have not replied to her letter until now. Write to your friend to:

- apologise for the delay in writing back
- give information about a hotel and the person to contact
- suggest suitable dates for holiday jobs
- give some information about what has been happening in your life since you were last in touch with your friend
- ask some questions about your friend

Write about 250 words.

My work:

Hi Edmund,

It’s so nice to finally hear from you! Too bad I couldn’t answer until now because – believe me! – I’ve been
really busy working lately (you know, I was almost in the red and I needed to do a bit of overtime). But it’s
ok now, I finally have some spare time to fill however I want to!

About your question – yes, I actually know a hotel in which you could work. And guess what? The owner is
a friend of mine! It’s a three-star resort around an hour’s drive from here. Call this phone number and ask
for James. Tell him that you need a job and that I said to you to contact him. I think you should ask for the
job in july: you won’t get bored (there’s always a lot of people during high season) and you’ll be paid more.
He’s very likely to hire you as a waiter in the hotel’s restaurant. The salary should be good but you’ll need
to find somewhere to sleep by yourself because they won’t let you live in a room of the hotel. It would
mean losing some money and for money any commercial activity would do anything. :P

By the way, lots of stuff happened since we last got in touch! You’d never believe it, but I’ve been flirting
with an absolutely charming girl for quite some time now. I think she’ll become my fiancée VERY soon,
and I’m very excited about it. She’s not very tall, but she’s got red hair and a surprising intelligence. Jump
around when you feel like it, I could introduce her to you: I’m pretty sure you’ll like her.

How about you? How are you getting on with your new roommates? I’m curious, we haven’t had a good
chat in a very long time!

All the best,