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    Please help to proof-read my cover letter and CV

    Human Resources Manager,
    Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute Co. Ltd.,
    5/F, Photonics Centre, 2 Science Park East Avenue,
    Hong Kong Science Park, Shatin,
    New Territories, Hong Kong

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Application for RF Engineer (Ref.:WA/RFE/05/1)

    In December 2005, I will be graduating with honor from RMIT University with a Bachelor Degree in Electronic Engineering. I am writing to explore the possibility of employment as a RF Engineer at ASTRI.

    While researching ASTRI, I was impressed with your commitment to people that ‘R & D business is people business’ which makes organizational achievement and individual growth inseparable. I am excited by the prospect of helping ASTRI achieve that belief. More recently, however, I noted that you expect to initiate approximately 100 new R&D projects over the next five years. My degree in Electronics Engineering has given me strong skills in the design of Electronic/RF circuit as well as telecommunication system, and I worked for three semesters in designing, constructing, testing and troubleshooting a Wireless LAN Transceiver with industrial standard IEEE 802.11b. I was selected to serve as a team leader in this project and I had extensive experience in working on teams through participating in different extra-curricular activities. Most impressively, my project design team had the opportunity to display and present our 3-semester project to Engineering industry in ‘Engenius Conference’ this year. In fact, Microwave and RF field is directly related to my interests and I believe that I am well qualified to begin working on your new projects.

    Although I am a fresh graduate, my vacation employment as a Technical Assistant for Eastern Pacific Circuits (HK) Ltd provided opportunities for me to gain practical PCB industrial experience and to develop strength in analytical and problem-solving abilities. As a person who seeks a challenge, I am diligent, self-motivated, dependable, and energetic.

    The enclosed resume details my educational background and experience. I will come back to Hong Kong after 17 December, 2005 and could be available for an interview, if convenient. In the meantime, if you need any further information, you may contact me at (+614) 22070124 or by email [...]. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Yours faithfully,

    Michael Wu
    Encl. resume
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    Re: Please help to proof-read my cover letter and CV

    Can anyone please kindly help me out with this?

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    Re: Please help to proof-read my cover letter and CV

    employment as a RF Engineer at ASTRI- an RF Engineer
    I am excited - sounds a bit too strong to me-
    More recently, however,- however sounds negative- how about moreover?
    design of Electronic/RF circuit- circuits??
    experience in working on teams- in teams
    to Engineering industry- to the Engineering Industry
    Microwave and RF field is- I'd use 'the' and is this one single field or two?
    could be available for an interview, if convenient- am available for interview at your convenie
    In the meantime, if- I'd delete 'in the meantime' and replace 'if' with 'should'
    Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.- Thanking you in advance for your time and co-operation, I look foward... (and start a new paragraph for this line)

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    Re: Please help to proof-read my cover letter and CV

    Thanx tdol. Your suggestions are very useful to me.
    Can u also help me out for my CV please? really thanx.


    Name: Wu Hoi Fai Michael (Mr)
    Telephone: +(613) 95722268
    Mobile: +(614) 22070124
    E-mail: [email protected]


    To obtain a professional position as an Electronic Engineer as a basis for developing a R&D career.


    Mar 2002–Present RMIT University Melbourne, Australia
    Bachelor of Electronic Engineering
    Currently undertaking 4th year final semester of study (Current grade: First Class Honour)

    Analogue, Digital and RF Circuit Design; Optical Electronic Technology; Digital Signal Processing; Data Communication System.

    Final 3-Semester Project: Wireless LAN Transceiver—i) designed schematic and constructed PCB layout for a 2.4GHz Wireless LAN Transceiver with industrial standard IEEE 802.11b comprising components of spread spectrum transceiver, power linear amplifier and Low Noise Amplifier/Mixer; ii) performed testing and troubleshooting using RF Lab Instruments iii) compared the functionalities with the evaluation board built from a professional company.
    Other hands-on design projects:
    4th year: 3dB branch line (quadrature) hybrid—designed a 1.8GHz quadrature hybrid using ADS and fabricated in microstrip on a Rogers 4003C substrate.
    3rd year: Microstrip Array Antenna—i) designed a feed network, a 4 element array and a single element antenna using ADS; ii) performed measurement using Network Analyser.
    2nd year: DC Power Supply—designed and constructed a single sided linear DC power supply PCB using Pspice and Protel.

    Feb 2001–Nov 2001 Certificate in Foundation Studies (Applied Science/Engineering)

    1996 – 2000 St Joan of Arc Secondary School
    Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination

    Nov 2004–Feb 2005 Eastern Pacific Circuits (HK) Ltd – Quality Assurance Engineering Department
    Post: Technical Assistant (Vacation Employment)
     Generated temperature profiles according to customers’ specifications.
     Carried out Reliability Test and Statistical Process Control for monitoring manufacturing.
     Handled customer return and failure analysis.
     Assisted in setting up Document Control Centre in compliance with ISO9000:2000 and QS9000 requirements.
     Hot Air Re-flow machine setup and maintenance.
    Mar 2004– Sep 2004 Rinnai Australia Pty Ltd – Marketing Team
    Post: Data Entry Clerk (Part-time)
     Clerical and administration related support to National Sales Manager.
     Data entry associated with marketing promotional campaigns.


    Programming: VHDL, C++, VBA, Assembly Language
    Data Modelling: MATLAB
    Circuit Design: ORCAD PSPICE, Protel, Agilent Advanced Design System (ADS), Integrated
    Catchment Management System (ICMS)
    Lab Instrument: Network Analyser, Digital Oscilloscope, RF/Optical Spectrum Analyser, Digital Function
    Generator, Signal Generator (Low to High Frequencies).
    Operating Systems: MS DOS, MS Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP, Unix
    MS Office: MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and FrontPage
    Typing Speed: English (40wpm) and Chinese (25wpm)


    Spoken: Fluent in Cantonese, English and Mandarin
    Written: Proficient in English and Chinese

    Date Activities Posts / Responsibilities
    7th Sep 2005 Engenius Conference Project Display—represented RMIT to display and present our 3-Semester Project to Engineering industry.
    14th Aug 2005 RMIT Open Day Information Desk Committee Member—prepared info booklet, posters, maps, guidance markers, and brochures; showed people around; answered enquiries.
    Mar 2003 ~ Nov 2004 RMIT Music Club Chairman—budgeting , event planning, promotion, management, and performing club activities
    Mar 2002~
    Oct 2002 RMIT Union Student
    Leadership Program Student Leadership Program—trained with practical leadership experience, event management, hosting of new students, trip leading and web design.

    Name of awards Awarded by Year
    Leadership Week Participation RMIT Union Student Leadership Program (SLP) 2005
    Excellence in Music and Chinese History St Joan of Arc Secondary School 1997
    Grade 5 piano certificate Royal Schools of Music 1994
    Merit in the Piano Solo Annual Hong Kong Schools Music & Speech Festival 1993


     Academic
     Dr. Campbell Gray, Senior Coordinator, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, RMIT University.
    +(613) 9925 2091 [email protected]

     3-Semester Project Supervisor
     Mr. Chris Burden, Final 3-Semester Project Supervisor, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, RMIT University.
    +(613) 9925 3256 [email protected]

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