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    Presentation (Introducing grammatical point)

    As we know presentation of new grammatical point which is going to be taught to the learner/s is indeed helpful and a part of the method, but, donít you think as time goes by, it wonít be as much interesting as itís been in the earlier time of teaching? Because after a while, say about four or five sessions, student would know that before staring the lesson they are to be exposed to a presentation of introducing the current lessonís grammatical point in a routine way.

    How can one deliver this presentation of introducing the grammatical point of the lesson to the learners so that they maintain their enthusiasm and interest to listen to and not goes for the birds?

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    Re: Presentation (Introducing grammatical point)

    Give them lots of examples and let them work out the pattern. When they've told you, sum it up in a way they can remember. Design role-plays that will support the use of the new grammar.


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